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Name description
Item Category The control item is assigned to control item category. Useful for listing under control item browser and also the GA Name and GA Makes from category.
Treat Like Terminal Block If this is checked, VisualCircuit will ask for terminal nos. at the time of work order schematics.
Purpose Text field for noting down usual / special purpose in schematics
Do Not Print in Material List If this is checked, component won’t be printed in material list – useful for items which are not in your scope but need to be included in wiring diagram
Price Used for cost calculation
Maintain Minimum Level Used for generating the “Items with minimum level” list under control item browser
GA Name Can be used to override GA Name of category
GA Rating Description that you want in the “Rating” column of customer GA drawing BOM
GA Makes Can be used to override GA Makes of category
Lug Type Every device requires certain type of lugs. This is used to select the appropriate lug item code. The list is coming from the lug item sub category 08072 (code can be changed)
Hole Dia Hole Dia required in Lug – used for item code selection
Mounting Indoor Mounting Code for Indoor Panel
Mounting Outdoor Mounting Code for Outdoor Panel