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VisualCircuit provides a Graphical user Interface for entry of devices and the wire bus to which their terminals are connected. This data is used by VisualCircuit to generate various follow through documents and reports.

Salient features

  1. Data stored in Microsoft SQL Server database

  2. Comprehensive viewing, navigation and printing engine for data

  3. Standard Data

o Define Item Coding System and Item Codes

o Define Item BOM for Control Items (eg. Contactor Assembly with base contactor and add-on block)

o Define Mounting Types and their description and hardware

o Define Control Item Characteristics

§ Terminal Information

§ Mounting Type

§ Lug Information

  1. Work orders

o Define and Manage Work Orders

o Define Work Order Panels

§ Indoor and Outdoor Panels

§ Bought Out Panels and Field Areas

  1. Add Devices to panel in work order

o Assign Legends

o Add Labels

  1. Define Wire Buses

o Automatically avoid duplicate bus names

o Assign Colour and cross section

  1. Assign Buses to Control Device Terminals

o Assign from control item view

o Assign from Bus View

o Assign Point-to-Point connections for field area devices and/or panel interconnections.

  1. Outputs

o Material List

o Wiring Diagram per-Device

o Wiring List – per Wire Bus

o Terminal Block Diagram

o Labels, Hardware and Lugs List

o Panel Interconnections