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How it Works

VisualCircuit generates follow through documents of electrical schematics without requiring special and expensive CAD software.

According to several studies, 40-45% of the time is spent in the preparation of electrical schematic and the remaining time is spent in the “rest” of the drawings. Hence there is a scope for automation. Traditional Industry approach has been to provide electrical schematic software which is used to draw the scheme and then generate other drawings. While this is fine for very large projects, generally this increases the time and skill required to operate the software.

Further, the Electrical CAD software tends to be expensive. Often people use “Vanilla” CAD software to generate the schematics and the reports, and these needs to be replaced for any automation.

VisualCircuit solves this issue by allowing you to use your existing CAD software for schematics and providing tools to automate the rest of the documents. It provides graphical user interface for entry of devices and their wire buses and generates several follow through documents eliminating manual work.

For the component wiring diagram, which requires a pictorial view of devices, VisualCircuit uses images instead of CAD and renders a full pictorial view of the terminals.

VisualCircuit is designed to work in conjunction with your existing CAD software and NOT as a replacement.

Mounting Information and Terminal data assists during the preparation of schematic.

VisualCircuit produces shop-ready or customer-ready documentation complete with title blocks. The drawing nos. can be entered for each drawing produced.