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Visual Circuit is an application designed to generate various reports required for electrical control schematics and is designed to provide enormous power, ease and collaboration.

Visual Circuit enables GUI based entry of various devices and their wire buses and then generates various documents such as Terminal Block Diagram, Wiring Diagram, Material Lists etc.

This enables automation of electrical schematic reports on normal CAD programs.

•Easy Device Selection

A nicely categorized catalogue of control items is available which allows easy selection during data entry. Terminal data and mounting information is also present.

•Easy Wire Bus Selection

Wire Bus can be easily assigned to control item terminals from the control item view or from the bus view. Wire Color and cross section can also be assigned.

•Increase throughput

Automate preparation of various reports and reduce manual time, labour and chances of error to enhance productivity and customer satisfaction.

•Collaborate Effectively

VisualCircuit is designed with collaboration in mind. You can collaborate between two people sitting next to each other or teams sitting half way across the planet.


Inventory Item codes, Device List, Terminal types and numbers, Mounting information, Lug Types, wire bus list and assignment.


Terminal Block Diagram Wiring Diagram Material List Labels, Hardware and Lugs Interconnection List

•Vanilla CAD

Automate control schematic reports even when working with vanilla CAD software.

•Multi Platform

Securely access your cloud hosted data from desktop, web & mobile.