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•Item Coding System

VisualCircuit provides a comprehensive item coding system maintenance facility. The item coding system is divided into three levels.

•Item Schedule

This is the topmost level in the item coding system. Generally, it can be of two digits.

•Item Sub Category

This is the second level in the item coding system. Many Material Properties are defined at this level. Coding system definition – assignment of meaning to digits of code takes at this level.

•Item Code

This is the actual item – corresponding to inventory item code.

•Item Version

This is the specification of the item, and included Bill of material. In control circuits, items are frequently assemblies – such as a contactor and an add-on block.

•Control Items

This is the entity which takes part in control schematics. We can refer to an item version or make it as non-inventory. Here we define terminal information and mounting code. Also we define other information such as lug type, control item category and remark etc.

•Work Order

Each new job is known as a work order. You can have multiple drawings / documents in one work order.

•Work Order Panel

Each work order can have several panels. The panels can be of four types – outdoor panel, indoor panel, bought out panel and field areas.

•Work Order Schematics

This is the data representation of the schematic in the work order. We define panels and add control items to them. We also add buses and then assign them to control item terminals. In the end, VisualCircuit generates various reports such as terminal block diagram, wiring diagram and interconnections etc.