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Work Order Panel and Document Configuration

Before adding components to a work order, we need to define what panels are in there. This is done by going to the Panel and Document Configuration from the work order context menu.

Name Description
Index Used to control order of Panels appearing in work order schematic
Code This is stored with the control items. If you want to change panel name later, it is OK but code should normally not be changed once components have been added.
Name Name of the panel – appears on all reports and screens
PanelType –>Indoor Panel and Outdoor panel are same except that the mounting codes are chosen based on them –>Bought Out Panel lets you add only a terminal block – we are interested in generating only the inter connections –>Field Area – Devices Out there in the field which are wired up to the panel. Adding a “panel” for them here helps in grouping them and also helps in generating correct interconnection cables.